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The first step in determining the total cost of internal printing is to conduct a comprehensive survey of all printing devices.

There are two ways of conducting site print surveys and we have found that using a combination of both produces the most thorough results. Where possible we do an electronic survey followed up by a physical onsite audit.

Stewart Assessment

Electronic Survey

To complete the electronic survey we will utilize non intrusive auditing software. This software searches the network for all attached printing devices through a simple network management protocol (SNMP) application.  It records print volume and alert information for use in the assessment. The data captured during this survey is sent to the print management server via secure protocols or email.  After monitoring the printing devices for approximately thirty days, we will have an accurate snapshot of usage on all devices over that time.  From this we can ascertain how the devices are currently being utilized and build a framework for the solution.

Physical Audit

To further enhance the results of the assessment we recommend a physical, onsite audit of all printing devices. This allows us to clarify workflows and discuss specific user requirements.  There may be a very good reason to have a single function printer next to a workgroup MFP.  Without conducting a physical audit, there is no way to know.  The process entails answering a few simple questions about the current output devices and process workflow.  Manual page counts will be taken at the beginning and the end of the assessment period for any devices that cannot be electronically surveyed.


Once the assessment is complete, we have information on device usage, workflows and costs.  All of this information will be analyzed and used to create a complete TCO report for your existing printing devices and to calculate the cost savings to be gained by implementing the Stewart Print Management solution.  We will provide these findings during an assessment review meeting in the form of a written proposal and projected TCO analysis.

What We Need

The key requirement for discovering opportunities for savings is a good and complete assessment.  In order to conduct the best possible assessment, we need the following:
  • Knowledge of the ip addresses used by network printers and computers with direct attached printers
  • IT support for installation and setup of our print monitoring application
  • A guide to help with the physical audit
  • Brief access to all printing devices for the physical audit (beginning and end)
  • Brief access to department representatives who are knowledgeable about department procedures and print/copy/scan/fax needs

We look forward to working closely with your team to develop a print management solution that delivers the maximum uptime and convenience at the lowest possible cost.  Thank you for participating in this important project.