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Software Solutions -old

Simplify and automate your everyday work, better manage your information, improve document security, enable easy book scanning, and get the most out of your Xerox hardware investment.

Your multifunction printer may already print, copy, scan and fax. But when you add software solutions to the equation, you’ll multiply your productivity.

Cost control, security, and authentication
Keep costs low and security high with solutions that track your output devices and user activity, manage document costs internally or externally, keep your critical information secure and prevent unauthorized use of your multifunction printers.

Device management
Monitor and manage all of your printers and MFPs remotely and proactively from your desktop. You’ll free IT resources for more important tasks and improve productivity with improved device uptime, supplies management, centralized setting and software updates and user-friendly connectivity.

Document management
Turn paper documents into digital resources by using your Xerox multifunction printer to easily scan and immediately share, archive, and retrieve information. Your MFP can route documents to your network, making content critical to your organization accessible (even through the Cloud) and searchable.

Document scanning
Go digital with your documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste. Use your multifunction printer to convert paper documents into a digital format allowing for easy emailing, storage, editing, and retrieval.

Faxing solutions
Faxing is still an important function in many offices, but how to update legacy systems can be confusing. Xerox and our partners can help integrate state-of-the-art fax solutions into your existing environment for a more consistent user experience, better faxing security, and even mobile faxing capabilities.

Mobile solutions
As mobile as workforces are today, mobile print needs to be convenient, simple and secure. Xerox offers a suite of powerful and flexible mobile print solutions that are IT friendly. Xerox solutions support device printing to nearly any printer brand or model, with robust authentication, accounting and security. Our mobile solutions provide a simple, hassle-free experience – and enable print when, where, and how you need it.

Output management
Challenges associated with connecting to printers, reproducing accurate color and maintaining color consistency across the fleet are a thing of the past with Xerox output management solutions. We offer software and cloud solutions to maintain quality, reduce costs due to error and waste and keep printers up and running.

Variable data
Your customer data is a valuable resource for creating personalized communications that drive responses. But adding variable data to your promotional and transactional documents can be confusing. Xerox and our partners makes it simple for anyone to create eye-catching communications with personalization and relevant messaging that gets results.

Xerox® ConnectKey® Apps
Like traditional software solutions, ConnectKey Apps extend the capabilities of your multifunction printers built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology and help you make the most of your hardware investment. But unlike traditional software, ConnectKey Apps do not require a dedicated server, PC or IT resource. Instead, ConnectKey Apps are lightweight, serverless solutions you can download to your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer.